Breakfast is the most important meal because it dictates our energy levels for the remainder of the day. It’s crucial that we eat a healthy, well-balanced breakfast to start the day off right. These popular breakfast foods below are nutritionally deficient and provide very little sustenance, leaving us hungry sooner. Try some of the alternative recipes instead and notice the difference in your energy and satiety levels.

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Cereals should be avoided as much as possible. See my post here for an explanation why. Instead, make yourself a big batch of granola. It’s super easy and fun to mix and match ingredients and it stores well in an air-tight container for several weeks. Try to find grains, seeds, and nuts in bulk at your local health food store. Not only is it cheaper to buy in bulk, you pay less due to the lack of unnecessary (and wasteful) cost in packaging and you can decide how much you want or need. Try this easy homemade granola recipe.


Instant Oatmeal typically comes prepackaged and loaded with sugar, salt, and other undesirable ingredients. And while whole-grain oats are high in fiber and help us stay full longer, instant oatmeal and quick cooking oats are first cooked via steam.  Precooking breaks down the cellular structure of the food, which causes the body to digest it quicker, making us hungry sooner. Instead, purchase plain, whole-grain oats, oat bran, or steel-cut oats. There are many ways to dress up your oatmeal without added sugar. Try incorporating fresh fruit and cinnamon, nutmeg, and/or vanilla extract to boost flavor.


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Breakfast bars such as Pop-Tarts, Nature Valley granola bars, and Nutri-grain bars are of no benefit to us. Sure, they may be a quick and simple means to stave off hunger pangs, but they are laden with copious amounts of added sugars, lack nutritional value, and contain harmful additives. Instead, check out this 6-ingredient recipe for delicious apple cinnamon bars. These bars are super healthy and will leave you satisfied for hours!


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Pastries, such as muffins, croissants, and cookies should be eaten at a minimum. For obvious reasons, these sugary treats are not only unhealthy, they lack fiber, which keeps us full. When you can’t resist, find those that are made fresh from your local bakery. That way, you can be certain they won’t contain any additives or preservatives.  Here’s a delicious and easy banana bread recipe to appease the sweet tooth.

It’s best to avoid packaged foods as much as possible. Healthy alternatives that will leave you satisfied longer are easy and fun (not to mention cheaper) to make at home. I guarantee you’ll feel better and have more energy by swapping out processed foods with homemade, nutrient-dense breakfasts. Your body will thank you!


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